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Wisys provides state of the art Temperature and Humidity monitoring systems for cold storage warehouses and distribution facilities using innovative wireless technology.

Real Time Monitoring

  • All access to the system is controlled through the use of centrally managed User IDs & passwords.
  • The platform monitors the Temperature and Humidity in real time across the storage facility.
  • This information can viewed through a simple web interface with a secure login.
  • Web interface is mobile friendly and it can accessed through any smartphone.

Historical Reports

  • Temperature distribution & Humidity reports
  • Trends and Alerts & Event log reports for a specific time-frame

Instant Alerts

  • Temperature/Humidity falling outside the acceptable range require immediate attention to minimize product loss.
  • An alert will be sent out via SMS, Email or a dashboard pop up to the concerned person.

Wireless Sensors

  • Wisys sensors can be easily installed in any environment like cold storages, warehouses, factories etc without the need of drilling or cabling.
  • This unique wireless solution gives flexibility to expand as needed.