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Wisys provides Wireless Smart Street Lighting solution with complete control over lighting network,Scenario programming, Fault detection, Energy consumption data as well as the possibility of adding other sensors like motion, ambient light sensor etc. Wisys solutions are based on Zigbee wireless protocol which is ideal for Low-Power, Low-Cost wireless sensor networks.

What is Smart Street Light?

  • Each street light is having a Wisys Wireless Controller
  • Wisys controller talks to the Gateway via Zigbee protocol
  • Internet gateway can be based on Ethernet or 3G
  • Supports most of 3G dongles
  • Connected to the cloud based on Amazon infrastructure
  • Full web application to control and monitor the street lights

Why Smart Street Lights?

  • Up to 50% savings on maintenance and upto 30% savings on energy
  • Compatible with LED, HPSV and MH streetlight fixtures
  • Easy commissioning & maintenance – Plug n Play
  • Enhanced fault detection and diagnostics and notifications
  • Secure web based GUI management
  • Remote dynamic dimming and flexible on/off
  • Alerts in case of emergencies
  • Automated ON/OFF/DIMMING control of individual/group of lights
  • Supports mesh networking
  • Time based scheduling and ON / OFF control.
  • User defined Groups/Zones
  • Override support to ON / OFF lights.
  • Easy to install, plug-n-play retrofit solution.
  • Fault detection alarms and events using email / SMS.
  • Daily / monthly / weekly reports
  • Electrical Parameters Measured :
    • Voltage
    • Current
    • Power factor
    • Active power
    • Apparent power
    • kWh cumulative
    • kVAh cumulative