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Wisys Technologies is focused on building Machine-to-Machine Networking and communication solutions to enable Machines and humans to communicate seamlessly over the INTERNET. Our vision is to play a part in creating a green future, while bringing the “Internet of Things” technology closer to the people for improving their living standards..

A lot of systems (street lights, data loggers, homes etc) today want to get connected to the internet and become smart! Offering scalable, cost effective and reliable platform is a huge challenge and Wisys IoT platform addresses that problem by providing end to end (sensors connectivity to applications through cloud) solutions. Advance mesh network based, Wisys platform is capable of making 1000’s of “things” smart within the same system.

Products & Services

Wisys offer IoT platform as a product and end to end solutions in few high impact key areas like lighting and industrial monitoring and control system.

Key benefits:

  • Fully wireless,
  • Battery operated and thus plug and play
  • Remote monitoring and control functionality to any device
  • Scalable Cloud implementation for running advanced analytics
  • Very cost effective and scalable for future applications

Wisys primarily focuses on emerging markets like India where the need for IoT based products is being felt now for solving infrastructural problems and to capitalize on early mover advantage. Focus is on solution/system providers for energy efficiency and process improvement in Industrial and Smart building areas.


Wisys customers are solution/system providers i.e. Industrial monitoring system providers or lighting manufacturers /consultants. Wisys offers them to upgrade their solutions to smarter ones using Wisys IoT platform. Having such remotely operable systems which can provide a lot of interesting analytical data about their system would be key differentiator for them. Offers smart solutions at a nominally higher cost over legacy solutions. Aggressive marketing with “once use” policy (our solution is plug and play it being wireless) retain customers by providing unique analytics of his system on top of our IoT platform.